• "Forte provided all of the production for Bass Junction Music Festival. The stage layout was great, and the 35,000 Watt sound system had all of the acts smiling!" - Dooly Ramos, Bass Junction Music Festival, Director
  • "Forte Sound blew our expectations away. I knew we were in good hands the minute we had our initial consultation. Josh and Joel know their stuff!" - Kyle Shewfelt 2004 Olympic Champion - Owner, Kyle Shewfelt Gymnastics
  • "It has been a pleasure to work with you! You are so professional! Thank you for your part in making today a success. We really appreciate your support." - Naomi, Servants Anonymous Foundation
  • "The audio-visual aspect of our fundraiser is such a critical component - and we are so grateful for your expertise to help us out. You have helped change lives on the other side of the globe!" - Terry Bourgonje, Inspire Africa
  • "Sport events require excellent sound to reach the competitors and spectators. Forte did a fantastic job engaging participants, while balancing our needs in terms of announcing results and creating an exciting atmosphere. " - David Loyola, NCSA Head coach, NCSA Fall Invitational


The Forte Story

ForteSound.com - info@fortesound.caBrothers Joel and Joshua Riker-Fox are the passionate people behind Forte. Joel grew up with music in his heart from the first year he was born. That love evolved into many character-defining pursuits; musician, student, sound-man and eventually an ear and eye for high quality event production. Josh grew up passionate about music of all forms and like Joel, developed a taste for event production.

Both Joel and Josh share a common bond through sport as well. Joel was a Junior Elite Triathlete competing nationally and Josh is a Pentathlete, having represented Canada at the Summer Olympic Games. The values garnered through high performance sport translated into a tenacious desire to create superior event experiences for others; something uniquely achievable through Forte Sound & Stage. Joel (BCC) and Josh (MBA) both studied at the University of Calgary, and perhaps their passion for powerful event experiences emerged from their continual exposure to events of every variety through their scholastic and athletic careers - galas, fundraisers, sport events, graduations, weddings, night clubs, award ceremonies and so on.

Joel and Josh founded Forte Sound & Stage in 2013 and proudly bring their excellence to all types of sound and stage events.


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Forte Story

The Forte Story

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